About Me

Gina Clarke-Helm, Malibu Seaside Chef

I am a native Californian and grew up on the beaches of San Luis Obispo. As a professional model, I traveled extensively and dined on some of the most unique, tasty cuisines around the world. I was inspired to bring those flavors back to California, and I haven’t looked back since. Whether an upscale dinner, an amazing beach barbecue, or a great party, I can create a customized menu specifically for you and your guests. You can choose from the most popular sample menus, or I can create a one-of-a kind menu just for you.

I attended the French Epicurean School in Los Angeles and have taken specialty courses with Giuliano Bugialli. I first worked at Granita, Wolfgang Puck’s celebrity restaurant in Malibu. Since 2000, I have cooked meals for movie stars, professional athletes, CEOs, musicians, and multiple families all over North America. I understand the importance of a meal beyond the food, but as an experience. I am passionate about providing quality ingredients and services to host a best-in-class dining experience.